Price: ˆ 13 750.00
Price: GBP 12 609.95
22.47 Euro/sqm
Number: 6838.00

Area: 612 sqm
Property: Hospital

Region: Targovishte
Town/City: s.Sadina
Footprint: 306 sqm
Garden: 5060 sqm
Floors: 3

Distance to:
Capital city Sofia : 311 km / 193.13 miles
Sea capital city Varna : 163 km / 101.22 miles
Burgas city : 222 km / 137.86 miles
Nearest administrative centre : 19 km / 11.80 miles
Black sea and sea resorts : 165 km / 102.47 miles
The International Airport : 158 km / 98.12 miles

Condition: Used
Stage of construction: Is Finished
Structure: Old Brick
Documents: Notary Act
Owners: 1
Window frames: PVC


We offer you this formal hospital build over three floors.It has been fully double glazed a cost of 12000 pounds. The structure of the building has been reinforced with steal and concrete to co-play with EU earthquake standards. The roof slap is 14 centimeters thick, so if someone feels that this building isn't big enough they can put more room in the roof space. The footprint of the building is 306 sq.m. There are over 25 rooms. Please look at the plans in the website. You can turn the building in to a mansion, hotel, private clinic, subject to a planing permission. Do not miss the opportunity to make a solid investment by securing this industrial storehouse for your business! RESERVATION AND AGENCY COMMISSION You could reserve this factory immediately by providing a non-refundable deposit of 2000 Euro, payable by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or bank transfer and even paypal payment. Upon paying the deposit the factory unit will be reserved for the period of 14 days and after that the buyer or renter will have to sign the preliminary contract. It is required to set up a Bulgarian Ltd. company in order to obtain property with land in our country. For more information visit our LEGAL ADVICE section. charge 3% agency commission (but not less than 500 Euro), payable at signing of the Preliminary contract. THE CITY OF RUSE CITY of Rouse Ruse (also transliterated as Rousse or Russe) is the fifth largest city in Bulgaria a population of 166 991 (by current address). Ruse is situated in the northeastern part of the country, on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the Romanian city of Giurgiu, 300 km from the capital Sofia and 200 km from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is the most significant Bulgarian river port, serving an important part of the international trade of the country. Ruse is known for its 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture, which attracts many tourists. The Ruse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge, the only one in the shared Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Danube, crosses the river here. THE TOWN OF TARGOVISHTE Targovishte-Targovishte is situated at the southern foot of Preslavska Mountain on the two banks of Vrana River 339 km northeast of Sofia. ONLY km from the Village and RAZGRAD TOWN is 22 km from the village. During the last years Targovishte gets a serious economic progress which transformed the image of the town. Its natural geographic situation helps the development of cultural- historical, spa, hunting, rural and eco tourism. Targovishte is a regional centre and a famous wine region. History: The historical findings show that the region was inhabited ever since the copper-stone epoch. The old name of the town is Eski Fjumaya (Old Market) and was first mentioned in 1573 when the town is under Ottoma Rule. It forms as a trade centre and in the end of the 18th century Ksidjumaiski Fair was opened in the town. During the Renaissance many Bulgarians settled in the oriental town and force the cultural and economic development. Many crafts flourish in the town. A school, church and a community centre is opened in the town. Targovishte becomes one of the revolutionary centers in the country. The fair was also revived, known as the summer fair and exhaibition for industrial goods. Sightseeing: The Varosha Neighbourhood has over 30 buildings with interesting architecture, among which is �St. Sedmochislenitsi� (1851). The �Borovo oko� (pine tree eye) complex is a very attractive site in the region. 7 km away from the town �Parka� Leso Park is situated. The hotel and entertainment complexes here are �The white horse� and �Paradice�. 8 kilometers south west of Targovishte is the Targovishte spring. The mineral water is good for the health and a resort town with open air swimming pool, prophylactics and a hotel are in the vicinity of the town.


Needs repairs: